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I have been in the apparel business for 40 years. Working as a clothing salesman in New Orleans, Louisiana, I always knew that one day I wanted to design my own line of clothing. In 2009 I decided to use my experience to found NOLA Apparel: mainly providing corporate logos to local businesses and wholesale goods to local Mardi Gras Krewes.In 2013, a good buddy of mine approached me and asked if I would design a specialty hat for his son’s wedding. His son, a local guy from New Orleans, was marrying a lovely lady from Maryland. They were both avid golfers (so much so that they married right on the putting green) and wanted a quality golf hat with an exceptional design that would bring their two worlds together. Louisiana and Maryland share one very unique critter that is both beautiful and tasty…the Blue Crab! Thus, combining the traditional apparel of a haberdashery with that Blue Crab flair, Craberdashery’s distinctive logo and name were born.This business is now multi-generational as my grandson, Brandon, has joined me in this exciting new journey. From our family to yours, we promise that customer service and the finest piece goods are things we will never compromise. I hope you enjoy our clothing as much as we enjoy providing you with quality, local apparel.

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Paul Miguez

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